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  • You must read and sign the waiver with your entry form.
  • Competitors under 18yrs must have a parent or guardian sign the registration form.
  • Safety craft will be in attendance
  • No wetsuits or any swimming aids permitted Code of Conduct

  1. Come prepared
  2. Follow any reasonable instruction from volunteers and safety personnel
  3. Accept the rules and conditions of the swim and understand the risks you are taking
  4. Ask questions and seek clarification if you are unsure about the course or other details
  5. Respect the safety of others
  6. Be honest with your abilities and understand your limitations
  7. Do not deliberately hinder others in the swim by blocking or kicking
  8. Take reasonable care not to injure others, particularly when rounding buoys
  9. Do not be overtly aggressive and do not interfere with other swimmers
  10. Seek help if you need it; stop to assist people in distress
  11. Respect and applaud the efforts of organisers, volunteers, sponsors and other swimmers
  12. Provide constructive feedback to organiser
  13. Leave nothing but your footprints behind


There are NO refunds for non-starters or non-finishers. This is a charity fundraising event and in order to keep entry fees low we do not allow for refunds. When  you enter online, you are accepting the terms and conditions of entry ‘Once my Entry Application has been accepted, I am not entitled to a refund or credit of any nature, including cancellation of the Event, or races within the Event due to bad weather, personal circumstances, bereavement, hardship or any other reason whatsoever’.


Entries can be transferred between events as available, either in writing (by email) or in person at registration.  A fee difference must be paid if changing to a higher fee event.  There will not be any refunds for changing to a lower fee event.


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