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All runs will be held on the Coffs Creek Walkway which follows the bank of Coffs Creek. By signing the waiver, runners declare they are aware of the conditions and participate at their own risk and responsibility.

Thank you very much for your support by participating in the event. We hope you enjoy your experience.

Please find a list of frequently asked questions. If the answers are insufficient for your enquiry please Contact Us

Entry and Race Pack Collection

Can I enter now and pay later?

No. Payment is compulsory at time of entry. Entries without payment will not be accepted.


What is the Entry Fee?

Half Marathon: $70 (includes Finisher’s medal)

10km Fun Run:  $45

5km Fun Run/Walk: $35

3km Family Fun Run/Walk:  $15

Age as at Sunday 8th September 2019

Late Entries will be accepted on Saturday 7th Sept and incur an additional $10.00.

No late entries will be accepted on Sunday 8th Sept 2019.


What are the entry procedures?

Online entries will open in May 2019, via the home page


When do entries close?

Online Entries close Friday, September 6th at 5:00pm.


Are there minimum age requirements for each event?

Yes, the minimum age for the Half Marathon is 16 years. Minimum age for the 10km is 12 years. Age is taken as of Sunday 8th September 2019. There are no minimum age requirements for the 3km and 5km events.


Are there any refunds?

There are NO refunds for non-starters or non-finishers.
When  you enter online, you are accepting the terms and conditions of entry ‘Once my Entry Application has been accepted, I am not entitled to a refund or credit of any nature, including cancellation of the Event, or races within the Event due to bad weather, personal circumstances, bereavement, hardship or any other reason whatsoever’.


Can I change races?

Entries can be transferred between events as available up until Saturday 7th Sept and not on Race Day, either in writing or in person at the Showground.  A fee difference must be paid if changing to a higher fee event.  There will not be any refunds for changing to a lower fee event.


Can I transfer my entry fees?



What is the race kit?

The race kit contains your race number and promotional items.  Your race number MUST be worn on the front of your torso for the duration of the race. NO PINS WILL BE SUPPLIED. Please BYO Pins or Race Belt.


What do I need to bring to collect my race kit?

Yourself & some ID


Can someone else collect my race kit on my behalf?



Where do I collect my race kit?

Race kit collection will take place at the Coffs Harbour Showground on:

– Saturday 7th September from 2.00pm – 4.00pm

– Sunday 8th September from 5.45am

Race pack collection will close 30 minutes prior to your selected race start.


Where can I collect my shirt or singlet I purchased online at entry?

There will be a merchandise stand at the Showgrounds on the Saturday during registration times and on the Sunday. You can pick your merchandise up from the stand.

Race Day

When should I get to the race pack collection point on Sunday?

At least one hour before your race starts. Registrations close 30 minutes before your race starts.
Race packs may be collected on race day or on Saturday between 2:00pm and 4:00pm at the Coffs Harbour Showground.


Car parking?

Parking will be available at the Showground (limited), in the Coffs Street Olympic Pool area, Castle St multi car park and in Marcia St, behind the Council Depot.


What time do the races start?

7:00am:  10km Fun Run

7:30am:  Half Marathon

9:30am: 5km Fun Run / Walk

10:20am:  3km Fun Run / Walk

The race starts and finishes at Coffs Harbour Showground.


Why are the Start Times so spread out?

We are conducting all the events on the Coffs Creek Walkway so therefore have to spread the starting times out so all participants can enjoy the experience. The reason for the extensive difference between the starting times of the 5km and 3km events is to enable the participants who do the 5km event time to finish and do the 3km event with their kids.


Can I walk in the Half Marathon and 10km Fun Run?

You can walk in these events, however you should position yourself within the start field relative to your ability and goal so faster participants are not impeded and should be courteous to your fellow participants at all times. Stay on the left hand side of the course.


Can I participate with an ipod/mp3 player?

Use of an ipod/mp3 player is discouraged as it compromises your safety and the safety of others.


Can I ride my bike, or have someone ride alongside me while I run?

NO! Roller blading, skating, cycling, skipping and Nordic pole walking are not permitted in any event.


Can I run with my dog?

No animals of any kind are allowed in any events.


Can strollers and wheelchairs be used?

Wheelchairs are permitted. Please contact the event organisers prior to race day.

Strollers are acceptable in the 3km Run/walk only and must start at the back of the field. However, it is important for parents to be aware that they are responsible for the safety of themselves and other runners should they wish to push a pram along this course. If parents would like their child to receive an official time and finisher’s certificate then they must enter and pay the appropriate entry fee as per the usual entry process.


The Course

Course Maps

Please see the Maps page for maps of each run distance and photos of the Coffs Creek Walkway.  There will be a full size map of each run at the race pack collection area on race day. Please be present at the race briefing for any extra information regarding the course.


Race Briefing

A race briefing will be conducted 15 minutes prior to each race start.


Race Etiquette

In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants, competitors should be mindful of race etiquette:

– The use of ipods/mp3 players is discouraged.

– Position yourself within the start field relative to your ability and your goal time so that faster   participants are not impeded.

– Keep to the left of the course to allow people to pass on the right.

– Do not stop or change directions suddenly.

– Be courteous to your fellow participants at all times.

– Always follow the directions of all race officials and emergency service personnel.

– Please use the bins that are positioned after each drink stop for your water cup to help us keep the environment clean.


Number Bib

Runners must wear your number bib on the front of your shirt secured by a race belt or safety pins.  Runners are required to supply their own pins or race Belt.


Will there be water and refreshment stations?

There will be:

– 8 water stations for the Half Marathon Runners.

– 4 water stations for the 10km Run

– 3 water stations for the 5km Run.

– 1 water station for the 3km Run.

For those who require a special drink or energy drink for the Half Marathon there will be a table on the track at the Showground where competitors can leave their own container.


Are there toilets on the course?

Toilets are available at the start / finish and near Dolphin Marine Magic, Saltwater Park, Botanic Gardens and the Showground.


Will medical help be available on course?

YES.  An abundance of volunteers will be stationed along the course to assist you should you get into any difficulties or require assistance in any way.

First Aid Officers from St John Ambulance will be on the course for the duration of the event.

NSW Ambulance Service is on call should an emergency present itself.

The Finish

What happens when I finish the race?

Please ensure you stretch and are adequately hydrated. You should make your way to the presentation area at the Showground starting at 11.00am. You MUST be at the presentation for a chance to win the Random prizes. Category place getters must also be present to receive their medallion and/or prize.


Is there anything to do post-recovery?

Sit back, relax and cheer the other runners home. There will food and drink options available including a BBQ provided by The Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour.


What time is the Presentation Ceremony?

The presentation ceremony will take place at approx. 11.00am (after the 3km is finished). So PLEASE bring your chairs, relax, lay back and enjoy the day. Medals will be awarded to all place getters. We have some GREAT random draw prizes to be won at the presentations but you have to be there to win them. To go into the draw for a random prize, simply tear off the section at the bottom of your bib and place in your respective random draw box just before the presentations start.





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