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  • No late entries on Sunday morning. $10 late entry fee for entries received on Saturday afternoon. NO race changes permitted on Sunday morning.
  • All events will have water stations around the course. Entrants in the Half Marathon will be able to place their own energy/special drink on a table provided on the track at the Showground.
  • Please follow the directions of the marshals.
  • Please run / walk on the left hand side of the walkway to allow other competitors to pass.
  • No pets allowed in the event.
  • Prams are welcome in the 3km fun run / walk but must start at the rear.
  • We are conducting all the events on the Coffs Creek Walkway so therefore have to spread the starting times out so all participants can enjoy the experience.
  • Awards/Prizes Presentation: Will be at approx. 11am at the Coffs Harbour Showground – Category placegetters and random draw winners have to be present at the presentation, if not in attendance they forfeit their medallion and/or prize.
  • Minimum Ages for the Half Marathon and 10km runs are 16 and 12 years old respectively. Age as of race day.


Please read and agree to the event waiver. Parents or guardian must sign the waiver if the person is under 18 years old.

Risk warning: Participating in a fun run or walk has certain risks associated with it, especially if the participant is trying to run/walk greater distances than he or she normally does, or if the weather conditions on the day are particularly adverse. Along with the usual risks of running/walking, such as the possibility of missing one’s footing, stumbling, or suffering from muscular or other damage to legs and feet, participants may suffer from exertion or from the heat of the day.

Waiver, release and indemnification.

In conclusion of accepting of my entry in the Coffs Harbour Running Festival.

  1. I hereby agree to comply with all rules and regulations and event instruction of the Coffs Harbour Running Festival.
  2. For myself, heirs, next of kin, successor and assign, I hereby: a. Waive and release any /all claims I may have against Village Sports Coffs Harbour Pty Ltd, its committee, their officers, directors, member, volunteers, employees or any one or more of them or their executors, including any of them arising out of my participation in the event and its related activities, together with any costs including attorneys fees that may be incurred as a result of any such claims whether valid or not, and b. Indemnify and hold harmless the release and each of them against any such claim that I or my guests, or any one or more of my executors, next of kin, successors may have or assert against any cost including attorneys fees with respect thereof.
  3. I hereby acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and athletic equipment during the Coffs Harbour Running Festival event and its related activies.
  4. I hereby acknowledge that participation in the Coffs Harbour Running Festival competition carries with it potential hazard. I therefore release the Village Sports Coffs Harbour, of any liability resulting from injury or death during the event and its related activities. I also acknowledge that the leading cause (more than 90%) of non-traumatic sudden death of athletes is related to a pre-existing cardiac abnormality.
  5. I hereby attest and verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for this competition and that a licensed medical doctor has verified my physical condition.
  6. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the Coffs Harbour Running Festival.
  7. I understand that my entry is nontransferable and in the event that I am unable to compete in the Coffs Harbour Running Festival a refund will not be issued.
  8. The race committee reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event do to adverse weather conditions which may deem the course unsafe. In the event of cancellation or postponement (by either party) there will be no refund of entry fee.

I have completed my entry, read & agreed with the waiver, term and conditions to the Coffs Harbour Running Festival.




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